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Payment Terms:
     Standard terms of payment are 2% 10 days, NET 30 days after date of invoice. We will invoice for shipments within 1-2 days of making the shipment. Interest will be charged at the rate of 1-1/2% per month on accounts paid later than 30 days. Exceptions to these terms must be in writing and must be cleared through our office prior to any sale.

Price Quotations:
     Prices listed are F.O.B. Oregon City, Oregon. All special quotes are subject to a 30 day time limitation unless otherwise stated at the time of the quotation.
Our published prices are subject to change at any time without notice.
     Special quotations are based on varying factors: the quantity of doors and/or the size of the project being quoted directly affects our considerations of pricing. Therefore, orders which differ from quotes given may have the pricing on particular items adjusted at our discretion.
     All orders are subject to final acceptance by Summit Woodworking Inc., Oregon City, Oregon. Possession of the price list or quotation does not constitute right of purchase.
     Taxes, either Federal or State, now in effect or later imposed, or an increase in costs due to compliance with Governmental requirements, unless specifically stipulated, shall be paid by the customer.

Orders, Acknowledgments and Confirmations:

     Orders may be phoned in, but should be confirmed by your written purchase order. We will respond with written confirmation of your order. Please carefully review our confirmation and notify us immediately if you feel there is an error. Our order confirmation is what we understand your order to be. In the event of an order on a specially designed door, please send a sketch or request that we make one to verify your customer's desires. If we do the drawing and/or the templates there might be a charge.

Order Changes:

     Summit Woodworking will be preparing your order specifically for you. In many cases, production is begun immediately. While we will be happy to accommodate your requests whenever possible, it will be necessary for you to discuss and confirm all changes directly with the operations manager at Summit Woodworking. Additional charges may become necessary if production has begun and/or supplies have been ordered or already purchased.


     Due to the nature of custom woodworking, you will be liable for any production costs incurred if your order is cancelled or changed after production has commenced. Generally speaking, once you have received your confirmation, materials for production may have been purchased and work has begun. Therefore, cancellations or changes you request after we start production will affect the final cost of your product. Again, please be sure to review the written confirmation we send you after we receive your purchase order.

Packaging, Freight and Freight Claims:

     Doors are wrapped and strapped using particle board or plywood, cordstrap banding and heavy cardboard as the order dictates. Packaging is included in your price.
     All freight is shipped from Summit Woodworking on an F.O.B. Mill basis unless specifically quoted F.O.B. your destination. Our normal procedure is to pay the freight here and add it to your invoice. We carry considerable discounted freight rates to most areas of the United States for both LTL and full truck shipments. If necessary we will have your freight rates quoted. You should remember, however, that freight rates are dependent on many variables and are subject to changes beyond our control.
     Your doors will be carefully inspected and wrapped before leaving Summit Woodworking's dock. Any freight damage claims must be made directly to the transport company. Do not accept shipments which are damaged or have shortages without first noting the discrepancies on the transport company's freight bill.
     We highly recommend that you inspect, very carefully, all goods received before the delivery driver leaves your premises. There may be concealed damages, and if the driver is present upon your discovery of the damage your claim will be a stronger one.

If you believe that your shipment has sustained freight damage:

     A.) Note obvious damage at the time of delivery - be specific - taking pictures is a good practice.
     B.) Contact the transport company immediately.
     C.) Hold all damaged goods and packaging for inspection.
     D.) If damage is concealed and not obvious at the time of delivery, the same procedures should be            followed as soon as it is discovered.
     E.) Notify Summit Woodworking as soon as possible - we may be able to assist you in your claim            process.

Responsibility for payment after filing a Freight Claim:

     Please note that it is still your responsibility to pay for freight and to pay our invoice in full. Repairs will be reimbursed by the freight company.

Shortages and/or Defective Merchandise:

     If your order has an apparent shortage, please contact the Operations Manager of Summit Woodworking within five days after receipt of your order.
Defective merchandise should be reported within five days of receipt of order. Defective products must be held by the customer for inspection by a Summit representative. Merchandise which has been disposed will not be considered for claim. Summit Woodworking must approve all returns and transportation of defective merchandise. Failure to follow Handling, Finishing and Installation Instructions will negate a claim. (See limited warranty section for further information on defective merchandise.) Any charges to repair defective or freight damaged merchandise must be approved by Summit Woodworking prior to the work being completed.

Terms of Sales