For a more carvings please visit Vector Art 3D.  They offer three dimensional models that are specifically designed for CNC software.  We simply buy the model and scale it to your specifications and let our CNC carve the rest.  The models vary from animal and plant life to family crests and decorative borders.  Our CNC is capable of carving all models offered on their Website!
Vector Art 3D Fleur-de-lis in Walnut
fleur de lis
full relief 3
full relief 2
full relief 1
Full relief flower carving in Red Oak
Vector Art 3D fleur-de-lis in MDF
vector art 3d
Original Artwork
Low Relief
Full Relief
CNC carving purple heart door
Carving #4 in Alder
carving 4
line drawing
2 1/4" Purple Heart Pocket door
carving 5
Carving #3 in Mahogany
Custom 4 Panel Half Round Pair Full Relief Carving in Walnut
Vector Art 3D Flower in alder
Low relief grape carving in knotty alder.
 carving 3
carving 5
vector art 3d
full relief flower
grapes carving
cnc carving
carving 5
Shop door
carving 5
     Summit Woodworkings now offers relief carvings.  Relief carvings are offered in a low relief and full relief and can add the decorative element you are looking for.  Choose from our standard panel carvings or meet with our designers to create your own custom carving.
Relief Carving