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Here are a few examples of possible profiles we can use.
SW88 Red Oak
SW82 Red Oak
SW1701 Red Oak
SW182 Red Oak
Since 1990 Summit Woodworking has offered 20 minute rated fire doors in a wide variety of stile and rail designs. These fire doors, together with our 20 minute rated fire jambs and astragals, have all been tested and certified by Professional Services Industrial. Summit Woodworking also has a 20 minute positive pressure smoke label UBC 7-2 part I & II.
We also offer 20 minute glass and sash doors, as well as framed glass re-lites. These 20 minute products are available with clear superlite glass or wire glass. Our doors that have clear superlite are built with most of the typical profiles used here at Summit Woodworking.
Specifications for Summit Woodworking’s
20 minute fire rated products.
Custom designs are welcome.
Any wood equal or greater in density than poplar can be used.
Materials may be solid or veneered.
Pre-machining and labeling is available
Maximum size for single doors up to 3/0 X 8/0
Frame 4 9/16” wide or wider in maximum sizes 3/0 X 8/0, 4/0 X 7/0 (single), or 6/0 X 8/0(paired) are available.
Raised Panel and flat panel doors are available 20 minute certified
Any raised panel configuration can be used as long as no panel is larger than 1,421 sq. in. or smaller than 58 sq. in.
Any flat panel configuration can be used as long as no panel is larger than 1,715 sq. in. or smaller than 25 sq. in.
MDF flat or raised panels are approved
Glass doors, sash doors, and framed re-lites are available with 1/4” wire glass or 1/4” Superlite certified for 20 minute use. Clear view area (daylight opening) maximum sizes are:
For 1/4” Superlite 2,792 sq. in.
Width can be no more than 35 5/16”
Height can be no more than 77 11/16”
For 1/4” wire glass, 1,296 sq. in.
Maximum sizes 24” X 54” or 30” X 40”
Certified 20 minute panel doors, sash doors, framed re-lites, door frames and astragals.
Fire Doors